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What is duplicate Content and what does it mean for my website?

I am sure you have heard about the dreaded “duplicate content”. To put it simply, duplicate content is content that is on the internet more the once. Duplicate content is content that is on the internet more the once. Duplicate content….yeah, you get the picture:

Although this duplicate content is cute, when it comes the the internet, Google and search engines do not see it as cute. There are actually 2 kinds of duplicate content:

1. Internal

2. External

Internal: This is content that appears more than once on your website itself. How do you get internal duplicate content? This can happen if you have a business with multiple locations. Let’s say you have a page for each location you have for your business. But instead of creating unique content for each location page, you just copied and pasted the information from your main page. That will create internal duplicate content. This can also happen if you have the same content with multiple URLs. Certain website that had blog formats,  may also provide the content  from a category page or an archive page (such as an author page or tags page).

External: This is identical content that is on multiple domains or websites. There can be many reasons why this happens. If you sell products online, other sites may have copied and pasted your product information. Other websites may copy and paste your content and use it as their own (unfortunately). Another reason is that you may have multiple websites for multiple locations for your businesses. Did you use the same content for all of your locations? That would be external duplicate content.

What does duplicate content mean for you?

To put it simply, it can hurt your ranking on Google. The main reason this will mess with your SEO, it that Google can not distinguish between duplicate content. For example: if Google detects 5 places of duplicate content, it can not determine which link is the authoritative link.  It doesn’t know how to rank them or what to do with them. Besides search engines do not like to show search results for the same content. So guess what? Your content may get thrown under the bus and the search engine will look for more original content.


What you can do

  1. First, If you have multiple business locations, make sure the content is unique for each page or website.  Even though you provide the same services, reword it differently. Format the page differently. Make it obvious it is a different page or site.
  2. Check your site and make sure you don’t have content that has more than one URL or it is found in multiple locations on your site.
  3. Check you duplicate content.  Find a reputable site that will check your content for you. A popular one is Siteliner. If you have WordPress, you can add a plug in that can check your content. Although time consuming, you can also check it yourself with Google search itself. Go a page that you would like to check. Copy a small section that you think others would want to copy. Paste into Google search and see if that content comes up on different sites.
  4. Hire a professional. You can also hire a SEO professional that is in expert in content writing.


To cap it off, content is king, but be careful of duplicate content. If you have any questions, or need help with any SEO or social media marketing, feel free to contact us!


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