Some social media tips for your business in Perkasie

Some social media tips for your business in Perkasie

Social media…is where it is at, right? There are thousands of tips and “programs”on how to utilize your social media sites. You can spend forever learning new tricks. But for those who are just starting out, here are some helpful tips 🙂

1. Don’t limit yourself to one site

I know…everyone uses Facebook. But there are many other social media sites out there. Use as many that fits into your business! The more content that your throw out into the internet world, Google will take account. The more active content; the better SEO your business will acquire. Find out what social media sites will work to your benefit of your business.


Facebook: honestly, every business should have this!

Linkedin: This is best for professional types businesses. If you have a business selling crafts and you have an Etsy site, Linkedin may not be as useful.

Etsy: (or other sites that you can list handmade goods) These sites are great for crafters and artists. However, many people just throw up a listing quickly and that is it. Pay attention to keywords. Spend time on each listing. Think of it as working on SEO for a website page 🙂

Pinterest: this is great for business that offer tips and have great visuals. Pinterest is all about catching a viewers eye with a picture. If your business can offer that, Pinterest can help you get your business content out there.

Twitter: Twitter is excellent if you have quick updates, tips, or can tweet about trends relating to your business.

Snapchat: This social media app is awesome for personal interaction. Take advantage of snapchat stories (Facebook started this also). Show live events, show a sneak preview of a product, offer coupons and specials. There is a lot you can do on Snapchat, especially if your target audience is about 30 years and younger.

These are just some examples of some social media sites and apps. Find out what ones that you would like to get involved in!

2. Plan a schedule

Just like with content writing, you must plan a schedule. Yes, some posts will be spontaneous. However,  if you do not have a schedule; you may neglect engaging daily. Plan out a “post schedule”. So if you post your content article on Wednesdays, have it posted on all your sites that day. Of course with some sites, you may have to format it slightly differently to make it effective.

Some ideas for a schedules: weekly content, a tip of the week, a poll or contest a month, holiday geared posts, funnies related to your business, videos, or question of the week. The possibilities are endless!

3. Be proactive

Ask yourself: What can I provide for my customers or fans? Is what I am posting valuable to my customer? Try to take a look at your posts through your customer’s perspective.  Would you enjoy reading your article? Would you take the time engaging your posts? Would you be annoyed and “unfollow” the content? It may be helpful to ask your family and friends for an honest opinion. What are your competitors doing? Are they successful and why? Be proactive!

4. Content and posts should be attracting

Make sure what you are posting is attracting and not just sales pitching. On social media, people are in the mood to engage, not hear a sales pitch. We all know that one friend who is in a MLM business. Every post and message to you is to invite you to their party or buy the product they are selling. They do it relentlessly EVERYDAY, multiple times a day. It is annoying, isn’t it? Even though your business isn’t a MLM, don’t be “that business” only promotes a sales pitch and not relationships.  If you happen to see a post that is getting a lot of attention, why not promote it?


Again, these are basic tips to get you started. Once you get into the groove of things, start researching on how you can continue to improve. If you want to advice or help, feel free to contact us 🙂

Let’s see your business grow,



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