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SEO Tips for 2018

There are many things that you can do for your business in terms of SEO and online presence. It can get overwhelming if you focus on learning many tips and tricks. Yes, there is much to SEO but the basic building blocks and concepts are the same. Stick the to concepts of SEO and then add all the bells and whistles! You wouldn’t decorate a cake with extreme detail if you do not know how to make a good basic cake. Learn the SEO foundations first, and then add the icing to the cake. Here are some basic SEO tips for 2018:

TIP 1: Google

Now I hope this is obvious to most of you. However, even though your business is registered with Google,  Do not forget the other services that Google offers. Is your website signed up to Google analytics? What about Webmaster? Did you index your website? And don’t forget Tag manager!  Utilize everything Google has to offer! Google also has all the information on how to maximize these tools. And speaking of Google, reviews are very important!!  Many companies have their business registered but have no reviews! Ask your happy customers to drop a good review for you!

Tip 2: Good Content

Write good content and articles on your website. Write useful content and pay attention to your keywords! Be proactive on your content, In other words, do not write a few good articles and not post anything for months. Be consistent!

Tip 3: Get GOOD backlinks    

Do I have to say it? NO spammy backlinks!!!!  If you hired a cheap SEO company that is buying backlinks for you: STOP RIGHT NOW. Bad links will ruin your website’s reputation on Google and it is not easy to fix. However, you do need backlinks though. Good ones! Free online business directories is a good basic way to start building good backlinks. Make sure the directory is related to your type of business. 

Tip 4: Make sure your site is user friendly!

Is your site easy to navigate? Can users easily find out in seconds: your contact info, who you are and what services you provide? Is your site mobile friendly? Make sure your site is not confusing to use. If you want to see a frustrating website to use, view a local government website.  Seriously, they are always the worse! If your website is anything like that, revamp it to user friendly.

Tip 5: Be active on social media

Yes, yes, we all have a Facebook business page. I get it. However, are you posting regularly? Social media is a great tool to interact with your clients, post your content article and let others see a personal side to your business. People like to feel personally connected to businesses.  Don’t forget other social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin and the like.

Tip 6: Get a diverse online marketing strategy

Do not focus on one marketing technique such as PPC (pay per click).   Be diverse on your marketing strategy. We offer many marketing strategies and customize our marketing to fit each of our clients needs.  Yes, you knew this was coming. Which reminds me of an extra tip: Tip 7: Always have a call to action after writing good content. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be called “content marketing” and is very important to your business. Anyway, that one was free ;). Seriously, we offer free consultations to discuss our  services and if we are a good fit for your business. No pressure. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! 

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