SEO Marketing Services in Perkasie

We are a SEO company located in Perkasie, pa in the heart of Bucks county. If you have a business in Perkasie and want to rank #1 in Google, than you found the right place!

Here is a list of our services:

Sowing your business: A solid foundation is a must to start. This is the full set up from your business. this service includes: putting your business on Google maps in Perkasie, You Tube Channel set up full social media set up (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest , etc), Linkedin set up, and 10 citations. One time fee

Soil test: Already have a website and social media? Are you not showing up on Google and want to know if everything is set up correctly? This services includes looking over your entire business online and making sure everything is functionally properly. One time fee.

The Apprentice: Responding to you customers on social media is very important for SEO and getting good reviews. This service trains you how to navigate your social media sites. 

Fertilizing your business: This service includes posting and making ads for your business online, posting content on your social media sites, promoting article on your website or events, and posting you tube videos. Monthly fee.

The Greenhouse: You get it all! Services include: posting on social media, promoting content, events and ads, You Tube Video, advanced SEO techniques, which is customized to your business. Plus citations weekly. Monthly fee. 


This is just a sample of our services in Perkasie! We know every client has unique needs and that every business is different. We will customize our service for your needs and your goals. You can even request a service .


Why our clients choose to invest in us:

  • Long term results: We build a solid foundation for your business online. If you don’t have a good foundation, you won’t get long term results. We do it the right way from the beginning.
  • One business per area: We only service one type of business per area. This assures you that you are our #1 customer for that industry, and you will be on the top!
  • High lead generator:  Our strategies bring in the most leads. Our clients can get leads for as little as $0.03!
  • Google ranking: We help our clients rank #1 in Google!
  •  Customized for you: We customize our services packages for each business. We discuss with you what YOUR goals are and what you need to increase your business. We won’t sell you products that won’t benefit you.
  • Worry-free contracts: Our contacts are on a month to month basis. You can even add services discontinue others monthly.



Meet the team:

Cyndy Dumire

Cyndy is a 22+ year real estate investor. She has mastered how to buy real estate without using any of their money and mentored students for over 12 years. She has have built a business with her husband Tom, partnered and trained many students to become very successful so they can give up their job! Cyndy and Tom started by studying Ron’s system 15 years ago and built their business becoming experts in the ACTS program, subject to, wholesaling, lease options and purchasing homes with their “out of the box” methods. Cyndy is also a marketing guru and it always on the cutting edge developing new methods on buying and selling properties. To expand her real estate business, Cyndy has studied SEO and online marketing techniques. Her business, Cyndy Buys Houses ranked #1 on Google. She had started a business, Leads in 3 Hours to help real estate investors dominate their local market online.


Bobbi Shaw

Bobbi Shaw is a real estate investor in Bucks County. She started working with Cyndy Dumire when Leads in 3 Hours was born. Bobbi has helped many real estate investors nationwide generate leads online (leads as low as $0.03) and helped them rank high on Google. She is president of Leads in 3 Hours and helps manage the business. Bobbi has helped a local business named Zebra Electric INC rank #1 on Google in Quakertown, Pa. Bobbi and Cyndy then decided to offer their services hometown businesses.