Online Marketing for Businesses in Perkasie

Online Marketing for businesses in Perkasie


I had an opportunity to speak at a meet up through my investor group (some of you might have heard about them): Diversified Real Estate Investor Group.

My husband Tom and I really have fun doing presentations on real estate marketing. We can kind of get a little goofy :). We had a blast and had a great response from the crowd.

Now I know what you are thinking: I am not a landlord or an investor. What does real estate marketing have to do with me?

Well, let me tell you…it is all the same principles :). In fact, marketing as a real estate investor is much, much, MUCH harder than other local businesses.

Why??? You ask??  Think about it. If a real estate investors brings in 100 leads, you may get a handful a good ones. After that, you close a real estate deal. And then what? You need another 100 leads again!

Let’s say you are a chiropractor. You bring in 100 leads. Mostly likely, most of these leads will be customers for life, continually giving you business.

This is the very reason I got into online marketing and SEO. I depended on these leads daily. Just doing old school marketing wasn’t cutting it anymore.

Let’s take a quick look at stats:

Google: 40,000 searches a second!

Craigslist 80 million ads per month

Facebook 3 million sales a month!

Linkedin: 5 million users

You Tube: 5 billion video views a day!!!

This is just a quick example. If you want to grow your business, it needs to be seen. And online is the way to go.

But it must be done correctly, or you will be lost in within the billions of businesses online. Only a few can be on top. Will THAT be you? 

We can help you get on the top in your local area!

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See you at the starting line,


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