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Now, as any experienced Facebook marketer knows, Facebook split testing has been around the block for some time now. However some of you may be seeing this popping up when making campaigns:


Yes, Facebook launched another feature this fall. But….didn’t they have split testing before? Why is this a big deal? Well, this is a NEW and IMPROVED version of Facebook creative split testing!

So, what can can do NOW with this new and improved version that you couldn’t do prior?

  • It addresses creative.  So, before if you wanted to split test creative, it was difficult to make it a true A/B test: you had to create 2 or more ads under the same ad set.
  • Speaking of A/B tests: you NOW have the option to add more: A/B/C/D/E is now possible
  • Test two different CTA buttons: –This is important to me because a CTA button can really increase or decrease leads.
  • Test different Texts, headlines and link descriptions: there is many more details you can test now.
  • You can take the same ad (that is working well for you) and test different landing pages. This is so important to know to generate leads! I had a client once who had a great ad, but once the potential customers when to his landing page, they left the site. No one opted in and they average time spend on the landing page was 3 seconds. So clearly testing landing pages is very valuable!

So have fun!! Play around! Let me know if you like the new feature Facebook Split testing.


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