Cyndy Dumire

Cyndy is a 22+ year real estate investor. She has mastered how to buy real estate without using any of their money and mentored students for over 12 years. She has have built a business with her husband Tom, partnered and trained many students to become very successful so they can give up their job! Cyndy and Tom started by studying Ron’s system 15 years ago and built their business becoming experts in the ACTS program, subject to, wholesaling, lease options and purchasing homes with their “out of the box” methods. Cyndy is also a marketing guru and it always on the cutting edge developing new methods on buying and selling properties. To expand her real estate business, Cyndy has studied SEO and online marketing techniques. Her business, Cyndy Buys Houses ranked #1 on Google. She had started a business, Leads in 3 Hours to help real estate investors dominate their local market online.


Bobbi Shaw

Bobbi Shaw is a real estate investor in Bucks County. She started working with Cyndy Dumire when Leads in 3 Hours was born. Bobbi has helped many real estate investors nationwide generate leads online (leads as low as $0.03) and helped them rank high on Google. She is president of Leads in 3 Hours and helps manage the business. Bobbi has helped a local business named Zebra Electric INC rank #1 on Google in Quakertown, Pa. Bobbi and Cyndy then decided to offer their services hometown businesses.