Is your website Mobile Friendly?

Despite the fact most people use their mobile phones now more than their desktop, it is very surprising how many websites aren’t mobile friendly. And these websites are suffering for it. Think about how many use their phones to check their bank accounts, purchase items, research a topic, check their emails… least I use my phone about 95% of the time. Probably more. So, having your website mobile friendly is so important, otherwise; you will be shooting yourself in the foot.

How do you know if your website is mobile friendly? Well, try using your website on your phone. Grab your phone and plug in your website:

1. How fast did it load? It should load almost instantaneously. And if you are seeing this:


…you are in big trouble!! I myself have not looked at a website and moved on because I had to wait for it to load.

2. Does the website fit the screen nicely and you can read it without squinting? You do not want it to look this this:

This is NOT a mobile friendly site. You don’t want the text small and you do not want it to look like a desktop scrunched into a phone. To be fair to Pa Parks, they do have a mobile site. I used their desktop version as an example. Although, it is not advisable anymore to have a separate mobile site with your desktop site.

Hopefully, your site will look something like this:

Woods, parks, lyme disease….you can tell I am from Pa, right?

See how everything fits nicely into the mobile shape. The text is easy to read, you don’t have to “zoom in”. this is a mobile friendly site.

3. Is the menu user friendly? It the site easy to navigate and find information quick? See the example above: the menu button is right there on the top. The share button is also easy to find.

4. It is easy for customers to complete a call to action? Can you easily purchase a product, request more information, sign up for newsletters, or in the example above: donate? Is the call to action button clearly visible and easy to read? If it brings you to a form to fill out information (like a credit card); it is easy to read and type in the information requested?

5. Don’t stop testing! If it looks good now, awesome. However as you continue to update your webpage, make sure you keep checking how it operates through your phone.

6. You can actually test if your webpage is user friendly with Google support: Click Here

But my webpage isn’t user friendly. What do I do now?

If you want to mess around yourself 

Your Google webmaster is a great support! You can find information on how to make your site user friendly. You can also test your site’s speed on both desktop and mobile using the Page Speed tool.

You can hire a Developer

When looking to hire a developer ask these questions:

Does he/she have experience with responsive web design (RWD)?

Does he/she understand the mobile customer?

Is he/she knowledgeable about Page Speed, Google webmaster and Google Analysis?

Is speed a concern that he/she will address?

How does their website operate on mobile? Check their website out for yourself!

I hope you found this information useful :). If you need to hire us for SEO and online marketing, you know where to find us 🙂

Let’s see you business grow,



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