How to use online business directories in Perkasie

How to use online Business Directories in Perkasie

Online business directories (aka “Citations” to SEO marketers) is very important for your business! Online business directories increases your SEO as well as puts your business out there in regardless to search engines. The rule of thumb? The more online business directories you submit, the better. And it is an on going process: you will have to keep up with it. Before you start, FIRST you must be on Google maps! I can not stress this enough. Your business must be certified with Google business. Also, please make sure that all your business information is 100% correct before preceding.

You can register for online business directories using different methods:Image result for online business directories

  • Doing it manually yourself (Highly recommend)
  • Hiring a local SEO expert (Also highly recommend)
  • Hiring a directory listing service such as YEXT (Highly DO NOT recommend!)


NOTE: The reason I discourage a service like YEXT is for many reasons. First off, it is a monthly payment. However, as soon as you cancel your service : Bye-bye to all your business directories in a *Poof*. Second, they won’t be as accurate with your business information as you.  They are doing business directories in bulk. If they get one thing listed wrong, it is a nightmare to “clean up” and it really messes with your SEO. Third, many times they aren’t as honest. They will sometimes mess up some directories ( that you didn’t pay for yet) or misinform you that a listing isn’t right. And they will offer to fix it: for a price. In a nutshell: this may the quick and “easy” way to do it, but it will probably cost you in the end. Just not worth it, but that is my opinion.


OK, moving on. If you decide to list your business manually, they are 4 different types of online Citations/ Business directories you need to know about. Using all 4 types is the end goal. 

  • Social media sites: Although, not technically a business directory, but still considered a citation. And one of the most important ones at that. Obviously these are sites such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, etc.  If you notice, you can fill in your business information on these sites. The beauty of this is that you can receive rating, follows, likes, and interaction while getting out your business information. Google loves that and it will really help your SEO. Plus, most of these sites you can create ads!
  • Popular National directories: These are well known directories that are used nationwide. Some examples are: YELP, Bing places, Angie’s List, BBB, and Merchant circle to name a few.
  • Popular local directories: These are business directories designed specifically for your local area. You will have to do some research to find these directories. Some are even community pages that allows you to list your business for free! *
  • Popular industry directories:  Got a restaurant? Get on a business directories for restaurants.  Are you a contractor? Get on Home Advisor. You get the picture. 

*Most business directories you can do for free! That is the goal, although, they will always try to “up sell you”. You may find one directory that is worth paying for there service. That is great! But mostly aim for the free ones 🙂


Again, if you have any questions, or want us to manage these directories: contact us!

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