How to rank 1 on Google maps in Perkasie Pa Part 1

How to rank on Google maps in Perkasie Pa Part 1


As you know, SEO has changed much, even in the last year.  Google maps are extremely important in regards to SEO. It can get you business on first page and shows relevant information about your business such as reviews, contact information,  and hours to name a few. Registering your business on Google is a basic building block in regards to SEO. However, just listing and verifying your business isn’t enough. After all, you can be on Google maps but your business may be on the bottom of the list. You don’t want potential clients having to scroll down a large list to see your business. And you want people to see it on the search page on first glance.

We are going to give out some tips on how to rank 1 on Google maps in Perkasie Pa in a series of articles during the coming weeks.

1st tip: Accurately fill out ALL your business information

The more information you put in about your business, the better. Google likes too see a lot of business information. I can’t tell you how many businesses have incomplete information filled out on their Google business. Not only it is not good for Google, it also frustrates me as a customer. I hate not seeing the website link, phone number, or business hours. I usually have too find the information on their Facebook page or search their website. That means more work for me and many times, I will just go the the next business.

So log into your Google business. Google my business changed their set up and now looks like this:

How to rank 1 on Google maps in Perkasie

On the right hand side, there is a lot of data information such as your reviews, latest posts and views on your business. On the left hand side is your menu. Click on Info. Here is all your information in one place that you can edit:

Make sure you have your business hours filled out as well as special hours if it applies. Scroll down and fill out your basic information such as phone number and website. Fill out as many sections as you are able. For instance, if you are already using AdWords, plug in the phone number your use for AdWords.

Make sure you add a business description as well as the services your provide in the services section.

An extra tip: Don’t duplicate your business information.  Google will discredit businesses with multiple phone numbers or locations listed for one actual business.


Stay tuned for more tips in the coming weeks. Meanwhile, if you want help free fell to contact us!

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