How to Make Your Customer Service stand out in Perkasie

What draws customers to a certain competitor? Why do some businesses generate much leads while others struggle?  One of the key things to look at is your customer service.  Here are some tips on how to make your customer service stand out in Perkasie.


  1. Customers want their problems solved fast. We live in a fast paced society. People want things done as fast as a click of a button. Is your business easy to contact? Is your information presented clearly on the front page of your website? Does the first page of your website quickly explain how you can help the customer and explain what you do? Is your website mobile friendly (can people click on your phone number and call from their mobile?). Do you get back to your customers quickly? This means responding quickly to: phone calls, emails, and social media messages. Will the customer talk to a live person when they call or do they get an automatic message? Are you able to answer their problems quickly? These are some things to evaluate.
  2. Customers want relationships.  People crave relationships, even more so today because face to face interaction is decreasing due to social media. Relationships create trust and that is very important with business transactions. Remember, business is personal.  You are stepping into their life to meet a need. How much do you know about your clients—not just their product issues and concerns, but about your clients personally? Are you building relationships with your clients? Do you interact and show some of your personality in social media business pages? If someone looks at your Facebook page, do they get a sense of who you are? People that have a personal connection with their service provider will be more likely to refer that business to family and friends. Another way to create relationships, is to get involved in your community.  Donate your time to some community service. Get to know your community.
  3. Customers want to read others reviews on your business.  Don’t be surprised if your new customer has already done their research on you before contacting. It is very important that you respond to ALL your reviews, good or bad. If someone gives you a good review, thank them and explain how happy you were to service them. If someone gives you a bad review, respond, show concern and try to rectify the issue. Do not ignore them! Also do not set up an automatic response for bad reviews. Consumers see through the facade.
  4.  Customers want their time respected. From a customer service perspective, that means giving customers your undivided attention, listening to understand, and responding thoughtfully. If they hire you, complete your service in a timely matter. Do not leave them hanging. Response to their questions and calls quickly. Finish your job on schedule. Make them a priority. They will notice.
  5.  Customers want to know their opinions matter and that their feedback is taken into account.  Give your customers respect. You may be the professional, but showing humility and concern goes a long way. It comes down to this: people want to feel valued. Consider their feedback. This builds a relationship between the customer and youself. If you give them respect, generally they will appreciate you and respect you in return.

Consumer service all boils down to relationships. Good relationships=A Growing business.

If you need some help setting up social media to start interacting your customers online in a personal way, feel free to contact us!


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