How to get on Google Webmaster

How to Get on Google webmaster

This is our 2nd subject on our 8 week topic on “How to get on Google”. To see the list of topics as well as a quick guide to get on Google: Click Here

Before you attempt to register your site on Google webmaster, you first need to get your business on Google Maps.  If you haven’t already and need information on how to do so:  Click Here

So onto Google webmaster…..

First go to:   Google Webmaster

A page should come up that looks like this:  

Enter your website in the nifty little box and click the “add property” button.

After that, you will be offered a few ways to verify your website 🙂

Google recommends a HTML upload on your website.

If you don’t know how to do this, you need to ask your website designer (or who ever sets up your website) to help you with this.

If your want alternative methods, click on…you guessed it…alternative methods.

Here you have 4 other options:

  1. HTML tag
  2. Domain name provider (you will need to sign into your domain account)
  3. Google analysis account
  4. Google tag manager account

Click on the option that you desire to use. For example, if you click on the first option (HTML TAG), further instruction will appear like this:  

With the Html tag option, Google give you a code to insert into the head section of your website. Google also gives you the detailed html code if you click on : “show me an example”. After the insert this code into your website, click verify.

2nd option: Domain provider. If you choose that, you will need to select your domain provider (ex Go Daddy). Google will then give you a code to record on your  DNS configuration that will be found if you log in to your domain account.

3rd option: Google analysis. This is where you can add your Google tracking code to your section of your website. To locate your Google tracking code, log into your Google business page. Scroll down to Google analysis, click on it. On the left hand side, scroll down the menu and click on “admin”.

On the middle column scroll down to “tracking info” click on it.

Click on “tracking code” . On the right hand side you see your Tracking ID. It starts with UA- That is your Google tracking code 🙂

You will also find cool things like your website tracking code that you can add to your website. This helps Google track how much activity occurs on your site and records it in Google analysis.

4th option: Google Tag Manager. Google tag manger is different than Google analysis. In a nut shell,  Google analysis tracks your website and account activity, where Google tag manger offers much more detailed tools. Google tag manager is great for those who use Ad words (pay per click), snippets and helps manages the quality of your tags. This is a separate tool that you need to sign for. If you aren’t using it currently, use one of the alternative steps.

So FINALLY when you decide your method, follow those instructions and click verify. Your website should be verified. 

Congratulations!! Your website is now registered on Google Webmaster!!!!

Next week, will we discuss how to add your site maps to the webmaster.

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