How to get on Google in Perkasie


Many People ask: “How do I get on Google search? Especially the front page?”

The thing about Google, is that it changes and you have to keep up with it. It is not a once and done thing. AND you need to do multiple tasks that have to tie in together.

Google is fairly upfront on how they rank websites that aren’t pay-per-click.

There is a “Google Guide” with all that basic information. Here is the official link:  

 Google SEO Guide

Here are some “cliffs- notes” tips:

  1. Get on Google Maps/ Google business. THIS IS A MUST. Let me repeat: this is a must! I can’t tell you how many businesses aren’t on Google maps.
  2. Resister  your site on Google Search Console and webmaster
  3. Upload your site maps on Google
  4. Make sure your site is mobile friendly! Most internet browsing is now done on mobile devices.
  5. Use descriptive urls for each page of your site.
  6. Title tags /meta tags still matter. Google sometimes will pick your site to use as a snippet.
  7. Use Content marketing on your website. And update it daily or weekly.
  8. Create back links/citations
  9. Get active on some social media sites. Make sure you engage with your fans daily.
  10. Find and use good search/keywords for your content.

This is just a quick list to get you started. Every week, we will be covering one of these topics on the list above in more detail. Stay turned and learn in detail how you can get your local business on Google.

Or you can contact us and let us do it for you. Less hassle! 🙂

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