How to add site maps to Google

So, now that you registered your website on Google console, when you log into:  Google Webmaster, it should look like this:  

If you didn’t register your site on Google console/ webmaster yet:
Click Here

Adding sitemaps to Google webmaster is a piece of cake!

To submit your sitemap:
  1. Select your site on your Google Search Console home page. (link above, you should already be there 🙂 )
  2. Click on your verified website (it should like the page above)
  3. Click on Crawl – found on the menu on left hand side
  4. Click Sitemaps.
  5. Click ADD/TEST SITEMAP. (red button found on top right hand corner)
  6. Type sitemap.xml.
  7. Click Submit Sitemap.
  8. A result should come up whether Google accepted it or if it has errors

Tip: a common error is Site map is html, use a different format. If this occurs, make sure your website is set up for site maps. On the site map section it needs to have a sitemap.xml address.  And double check if you typed everything right.

If you need extra help or want more details: Google has a help
page:  Google sitemaps

Now that you have your website on Google maps, Google webmaster AND added your sitemaps, you are definitely on the road to start building your SEO! Next week we will discuss about making sure your site is mobile friendly. (you be surprised how many websites are not mobile friendly)

That about wraps it up for this week!!!

Always feel free to contact us, if you want us to set up your business on Google!

Let’s see your business grow,

Bobbi & Cyndy


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