How Do I Increase My Google Reviews?

How Do I Increase my Google Reviews?

In terms of SEO, good reviews are essential to rank on Google. It isn’t just about keywords, content and back links (although still very important) anymore. It is also about business interaction and reviews. And Google loves when they see a company with reviews. So, here are some tips to increase your reviews on Google.

How to increase Google reviews – SEO marketing in Perkasie

1. ASK.

So simple but so effective. Ask your friends and family if they will be willing to review your business on Google. Ask your clients. One way is to send them a thank you card for their business. Also put in something like: the best compliment you can give us is too refer us to friends and family and take the time to give a review. Make it easy for them: include the business review link with simple instructions. You can also do this through email.

2. Be active on social media.

Why? Did you know people are more likely to leave a Facebook review? Did you also know your Facebook reviews will show up on your Google map listing? Yes, Google also tracks your Facebook reviews and lists them on your Google business page. Pretty cool, huh?

3. Review Other Local Businesses and Create a Network.

Get involved in your community. Network and get the know other businesses. Review them and refer them. They will mostly likely offer the same to you in return.

4. Avoid Spam/Fake reviews.

Do not buy a handful a fake reviews! Google will see that suddenly you have 10 reviews in one day when you only had one before. Google will red flag you and remove these reviews. Just don’t do it. And it you decide to ask family and friends to review you, make sure everyone doesn’t do it at the same time.

5. If you get  bad review….

Address the problem quickly and respectfully. Try to resolved the issue with the customer. If people can read that you addresses the situation in a friendly professionally manner, it will show that you care for your customers and are willing to deal with it personally. This is much better than ignoring the review or sending an auto response.



Reviews are all about connecting with your customers and the community. Take the time to invest in relationships and review local businesses. Let your customers know you appreciate them and they will appreciate you in return.


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