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Google has come up with something new…again that will help your business and more! If you go the the google page, you might notice some information on the bottom of the search page:


You can click on the link or go to:

Google is offering :

“Free training, tools, and events to help you grow your skills, career, or business.”

Check out the local business section.

You can download their app and get 5 minute training lessons.

Under “Tools for your Business” , Google gives you a quick overview on how to get on Google business as well tools to test your mobile site. We actually have a detailed article about making your site mobile friendly :  We also mention here about Google’s mobile friendly test 🙂

Then under “Build your Skills” , you will find online courses for using Google ad tools. Basically Google wants to encourage you to use their “pay per click. ”

And of course, you can subscribe to Google news, etc.

This is very basic stuff and a way for Google to encourage you to get involved.

However, we like to update you with the latest information on what Google is offering 🙂

You can Grow with Google and learn basic stuff or you can Grow Your Business Fast with us! We offer more than just Google business services and knowledge of Google products.  We also offer social media engagement and promotions, getting business leads, website evaluations,  customer engagement…and so much more!

Feel free to contact us!

Let’s see your business grow!


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