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Hello! We are starting the first of our 8 week topics : How to get on Google maps and Google business!!! To view our introduction of the 8 topics visit :
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So, BEFORE you start beginning SEO for your business, you must get on Google maps first. Everything about SEO is linked to… guessed it: Google. Oh, hail Google! 

We had have many clients sign up for Google business, but missed one step or incorrectly filled out one small item. And sad to say: It really messes up everything!!!

Ok, so here are the steps; (watch carefully)

  1. Go to:   You will see on the top right hand corner : “sign in” or “start now” Click on start now.   ****you will need to be logged into your Gmail that you want to use to set up your business. if you don’t have a Gmail, sign up and get one*****
  2. Ok, now a map will come up with a form on the left side  :            Fill out your business info accurately!! It has to be a real address, not a PO box. Your address and phone number will have to be consistent and exact!!! Example: if you put in the address 120 Main St, do not put on your Facebook business page 120 Main Street. It will have to be St if you type in google maps that way. Double check typos!

3. Now you need to have Google send you a verification code by mail:    

Make sure the address is correct and click continue. Google will send a verification code by mail. It should come in 5-2 weeks. Don’t throw it out!!! Enter the code to verify your business

4. In the meantime, as you click continue, Google will set up your business. Fill in as much information as you can: a nice profile pic, business hours, etc. If you click on Google Analytics, you can get your Google tracking code which you will use in SEO. But we will get into that later.

That just about sums it up in a nut shell.

If you want us to help you set up your Google Business, we have a service called Sowing your business which includes Google business set up, You Tube set up,  Google webmaster, Facebook set up, Twitter set up, Pinterest set up, and 10 online business directories.

Feel free to fill out our contact form or give us a call!

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