Content Writing Tips / SEO marketing in Perkasie

Content Writing Tips / SEO Marketing in Perkasie

You got a good website set up for your business. Now you need to figure out how to put GOOD content on your website.  We Have simple tips to get you started…..Image result for keywords

  1. Is your content insightful, relevant to your business and unique?    For example, there are many chiropractors here in the Perkasie area. Therefore, there is much competition among them. If you were a chiropractor in Perkasie, what unique information do you have to offer that the others lack? Does you website look like every other chiropractor? Or is your website engaging?
  2. Is your content about your keyword?  It is wonderful if you have the “perfect keyword”, but if it is not used in your content; it won’t do much at all. You can’t just have your keyword in your title or once in your blog post. Well, you can do it..but what’s the point? Pick a good keyword that is effective in your local area and make sure your post has your keyword all over it and your content is about your keyword. 
  3. Does your content have a CTA (Call to action)?  After your engage potential customers by reading what you wrote: are you driving your visitors to take action?  Do you have a form, a contact us button, sign up for a newsletter, etc?  Anything that encourages your visitors to take some sort of action is what you should be aiming to happen. As always, you may have to play around with your CTA and see what works best. 

If your are a business located in Perkasie, Pa or around the area and need some SEO, content writing, social media or other services, feel free to contact us :).

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