Is your website Mobile Friendly?

Despite the fact most people use their mobile phones now more than their desktop, it is very surprising how many websites aren’t mobile friendly. And these websites are suffering for it. Think about how many use their phones to check their bank accounts, purchase items, research a topic, check their emails… least I use my … Continued

How to add site maps to Google

So, now that you registered your website on Google console, when you log into:  Google Webmaster, it should look like this:   If you didn’t register your site on Google console/ webmaster yet: Click Here Adding sitemaps to Google webmaster is a piece of cake! To submit your sitemap: Select your site on your Google … Continued

How to get on Google Webmaster

How to Get on Google webmaster This is our 2nd subject on our 8 week topic on “How to get on Google”. To see the list of topics as well as a quick guide to get on Google: Click Here Before you attempt to register your site on Google webmaster, you first need to get your business … Continued

Get on Google Maps

Hello! We are starting the first of our 8 week topics : How to get on Google maps and Google business!!! To view our introduction of the 8 topics visit : Click Here So, BEFORE you start beginning SEO for your business, you must get on Google maps first. Everything about SEO is linked to… guessed it: … Continued

How to get on Google in Perkasie

  Many People ask: “How do I get on Google search? Especially the front page?” The thing about Google, is that it changes and you have to keep up with it. It is not a once and done thing. AND you need to do multiple tasks that have to tie in together. Google is fairly upfront on how … Continued