10 Top business listings for 2018 Perkasie SEO marketing

10 Top Business listing for 2018  Perkasie SEO Marketing

Business listings (aka citations) is important tool to have when working on your SEO. There are many business listings to choose from and we recommend to get on as many as you are able. However, here are the top 10 we recommend : and they are free! What can be better?

10 top business listings for 2018- Perkasie SEO Marketing

10 Top free business listings for 2018:

  1. Google business/maps This is a no brainer. If you don’t do anything else, at least do this one! In fact, if you aren’t on Google maps, you might as well kiss SEO good bye.
  2. Social media sites Not what most people think as a business listing, but social media sites are important. You can constantly add content and have people interact with your business. Google looks at interacting with your business as highly valuable since it tells them your business is active and relevant. Join in as many social media sites and use them such as: Facebook, You tube, Linkedin, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, Vero (which is trending as of now), and so on.
  3. Yahoo local Now Yahoo is a pain: it is run by YEXT and they want to charge you for everything. But there is a way to list on yahoo local for free if you spend the time to navigate through their constant up selling.  Go to Yext, list your business and search. Yext will tell you all the business listings are wrong. Click on the Yahoo on “not listed”. After that scroll down to a very small link that states: list on yahoo basic only.  They will still try to charge you but you can verify your business by a picture upload that takes up to 2 weeks, which is free.
  4. Bing Local Places Another great one!
  5. Yelp This on is easy to do. You will have to verify with your business phone
  6. Angie’s list 
  7. Mapquest this one is a little tricky. You have to email them and request them to add your business to their maps if you don’t want to pay.
  8. BBB (Better Business Bureau)
  9. Yellow pages
  10. Local business pages You will have to do a little research in your area for this. But find some local business listing/ community pages in where you can submit you business information. This will make your business more known in your area.
  11. Bonus!!! (ok I lied, there is 11 but this may not be for everyone) Trip Advisor if you are a restaurant, hotel or any business where the customer would stop by during a trip, get listed on this site. 

So that is the 10 top business listings for 2018. Get you business out there. After investing in a little of your time, you will be glad you did! Don’t have the time? Ask us about our set up or SEO plans.

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